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Leak Detection for Oregon. Locate and mark the exact spot of underground water leaks in order to save money as well as our most valuable resource. We also can find leaks inside homes, such as walls, floors or anywhere water can leak. A new service is locating where sewer smells or leaks inside of home are coming from. If something is leaking, we can find it! (Find out more here)

Using leak detection techniques to locate the spot of leak to prevent costly line replacement or digging and exposing entire water lines. Digging only one hole to repair the leak. This saves you money and time by knowing exactly where to dig leak up for repair.

Leak Detection Oregon, all of Oregon. Owner born and raised in the Willamette Valley. Small Town Family Feel And Prices. (For our history click here) We love protecting Oregon from water loss due to leaks and overuse of water. Oregon is green but together we can keep it green.

We find water leaks using some of the most advanced sonic listening devices produced today. All leaks no matter how small emit a sonic noise. A leak produces a sonic noise, sometimes loud enough to be heard with the human ear with no assistance from electronic equipment, but usually reguires sonic equipment. The best description of this sound is to imagine the sound of a toilet filling. The whistle/hiss is what can be heard in your underground water line as well. Several other techniques are used to enhance the sound under the ground. We will determine

Saving The Potable Water Of Oregon One Leak At A Time, Leak Detection Oregon From A True Oregonian

Water Conservation is a way of life not just a concept

Leak Detection Oregon