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Useful Leak Information

Here is some useful leak information from various websites that may be helpful, or at least informative.

For more useful leak information on meters and reading them visit our understanding meters page.

Toilet Leaks

One of if not the most common leak in a home is a toilet leak. Many people ask how they cannot see a toilet leak, simple, most toilet leaks literally are going down the drain. Some toilets can be heard leaking and others cannot. If you have ever heard your toilet start to hiss or run at a random time you likely have what is called a “flapper leak”. What’s a flapper? What’s a flapper leak?

A “flapper” is the rubber or plastic piece connected to the chain or handle of the toilet, it is what allows the water to go from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl. (see photo below)

So what is a flapper leak and why should you care? A flapper leak is when the flapper valve does not seal properly to the flush valve gasket. This allows water to slowly run into bowl and when the water level in tank gets low enough the fill valve opens and fills tank up to proper level. Every time the toilet tank fills 1-2 gallons of water is used.

Checking for a flapper leak is simple. Lift toilet seat and look for water running into the bowl or place a few drops of food color into the tank. If the colored water enters the bowl without flushing then you have a flapper leak. Replace the $3.00 flapper and save the wasted water.

The other common toilet leak is the fill valve. This one is sometimes harder to hear. The cause of this leak is sediment or dirt in the fill valve itself. This will sometimes be a minimal leak that still uses 4000 gallons of water per month up to a full flow from fill valve that would be 2.5 gallons of water per minute or 3600 gallons per day!

Other toilet leaks are supply lines, which would be visible on floor. A cracked or poorly seated tank, also would show on floor.

Hopefully you found this information useful, if you have questions or suggestions please use our contact us page to ask or tell.